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The Harvest is Rich

Jambo Jambo from Team Kenya,

Since our last post, we have left Samburu County, and have spent our time near downtown Nairobi, working with Heart to Heart, and at Faraja Children’s Home near Ukunda. Our ten days in Nairobi were filled with many new experiences. After enjoying the “abundant” Kenya-time, we did some home visitations and went to church in Kibera (the largest slum in Africa). This a truly marginalized area of the city, and has walls around it so that the rest of the people do not need to see. The wealthy here pretend as if it is not a problem. The poverty is simply a front to the incredible sense of hopelessness and fear many of the residents feel. Yet, God always leaves a remnant, and there are many who are faithful followers of The Lord, and God provides for them. Early in the week we attended an HIV/AIDs support group, painted an office at the Prince of Peace Academy, and participated in a feeding program that Heart to Heart puts on. We felt tired of always being the centre of attention and always being paraded around. Being lead different places, we were expected to always be in the centre of things and we wonder if, us being outsiders, that does more damage than good. Our responses were less than typical in regard to the slums and poverty as we did not feel our heart breaking for these people, but rather looked past the stigma and just saw them as brothers and sisters. Some of our favourite moments in the city were cooking our own meals, trying local cuisine, including mutumbo (boiled goat intestines), the cultural dance at Bomas of Kenya, the National Museum, and all of the cribbage we played.


Isaac teaching at the youth rally


Kevin and Isaac entertaining kids at a feeding program

Later, we flew to Ukunda on the coast of the Indian Ocean and immediately the air felt heavy and sticky; we haven’t stopped sweating since we arrived. Our work has involved painting, gardening in oppressive conditions, and teaching at a youth rally. We have learned the proper method to retrieve coconuts out of the trees (chucking a hunk of cement from the ground proved rather ineffective). We enjoyed every moment of our time on the beach (aside from the beach vendors), playing in the waves, stepping on a minefield of spiny urchins and having the privilege of sun burning yet again. Spiritually, we are feeling quite healthy. It is easy to see where is God is at work here in the predominantly Muslim region of Kenya. We are thankful for the plethora of delectable treats to our palates, including fresh mangoes and coconuts, Ugali, chipatis and mandazis, and even fried minnows (which taste like grasshoppers).


Enjoying some fresh Coconuts

We are thankful for the lack of complications on our trip, and the interaction we’ve had with locals, especially the children. Please continue to pray for rain and against corruption in the church, in the courts, and in the government. Pray for strength and health as we finish here and return home. Luke 10:2 says, “The harvest is great but the workers are few.” So pray to the Lord who is charge of the harvest. Ask Him to send more workers into His field. The harvest is rich in many of the unreached Muslim areas of Kenya and in Somalia, so pray that there would people to go and show Christ’s love to these people and win them for Christ.


Working in the tomato shamba (garden)

We look forward to seeing you all again.

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