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Nothing is Short of His Handiwork

Hello everyone!

This is Team East Asia once again. These past few weeks have been incredible. They have also been challenging at times. We have had the opportunity to visit a few local homes. This has been a great experience and a great look into the lives of the people living here. Our new East Asian Aunt Mary hosted us for a meal and we were able to see her many animals. She also introduced us to the local community. She has been a great encourager and blessing to us.


Aunt Mary and her animals

We have also been blessed by our experience at the foreign fellowship church that we have been attending. We have been deeply impacted by the sense of community. The expatriates in this area have an extraordinary connection to one another that is nothing short of His handiwork. It is inspiring and draws us in to be more instrumental in this field and opens many opportunities for growth and learning.

We were able to spend more time with our friend Sam who used to be a staff at the coffee shop and is now pursuing outreach opportunities. We had fun at KTV doing silly karaoke and eating American pizza. He was able to tell us how the type of work we are doing has been instrumental in his personal walk.


The Chinese meal one of the teachers Susie and Aunt Mary made for us

Our daily activities are going well. The coffee shop has offered us many opportunities to share. Julia and Laura are now finished at the local Kindergarten and have been blessed by the children’s many hugs and encouragement from the hardworking teachers. Laura has visited the children’s English training centre for the last time. Through her experience there she has been blessed by her friendship with the teacher. The restaurant at which Chad and Luke have been volunteering has been very grateful for their help and very instrumental in their growth experience here. It has also fostered much learning and interest in possible future service.


Playing games with the children

One of the challenging things that we are dealing with is confusion over where He is calling us. We are very sad to be leaving soon and will miss the people we have met very much. We have started to say goodbye to people and are not looking forward to the rest of the goodbyes we will have to say.

Signing out,


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