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CLBI Plus Events

CLBI Plus events are open to all members of the public, free of charge!

We invite you to come and take part in any of these evenings throughout the year. 


These events are teaching sessions open to the public with various guest speakers. They are held in the main classroom (through the main doors, upstairs across from the office). We welcome you to come and enjoy dinner with us downstairs beforehand if you like, as well as coffee & desserts after the session. Come and engage with the students and partake in the community atmosphere at CLBI as you take in these nights of great teaching! 

5:30 pm Dinner // 6:30 pm Session // 7:30 pm Q&A

Free will offering is taken. Please RSVP if attending the meal by calling 780.672.4454

Series 2017-18

This season our focus is on

“Gospel Fluency”

The Gospel; not just about EVANGELISM, it is also about DISCIPLESHIP

October 26:

Gospel Fluency?  (presenter: Rev. Lance Odegard)

Why the good news is better than we thought.

November 30:

The Gospel to Save and Sustain  (presenter: Dr. Preston Pouteaux)

it’s not just getting to heaven but bringing heaven to earth

February 8:

Fruit to Root: the Gospel in me  (presenter: Rev. Lance Odegard)

identifying the relevance of the Gospel in my life

March 1:

The Meal: the Gospel with us  (presenter: Rev. Dean Rostad)

breakfast, lunch and supper as a worship experience

April 12:

Our need for Gospel fluency: the Gospel with others  (presenter: Rev. Nathan Hoff)

life together, an immersion experience

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