Admission Fees (2024/2025 Program Year)

For international students, please click HERE


  • (total tuition & costs for full year)
Room & Board $7,000
Tuition $4,300
Book/Activity/Grad Fee $1,550
Application Fee* $50
SOCAL Fee $850
Registration Fee $20
Yearbook Fee $40
Discretionary Fund** $150
Collateral Deposit*** $250


  • (total tuition & costs for full year)
Room & Board $7,000
Tuition $4,300
IMPACT Fee $1,500
Book/Activity/Grad Fee $1,550
Application Fee* $50
Registration Fee $20
Yearbook Fee $40
Discretionary Fund** $150
Collateral Deposit*** $250


  • (per month)

Fees include Room & Board for the year + other program elements listed at

(Price above is for a double room.)

*Students from outside of Canada, $150.00
**A ‘tab’ for various expenditures during the year. i.e. apparel purchases, extra-curricular sporting activities, etc. Any excess, unspent funds will be refunded by May 31, 2021
***Refunded by May 31, 2021 if all personal responsibilities owing to Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute are cleared

Payment can be made by cheque, etransfer, debit, or credit card. Please note that a 2.5% service fee will be added if using a credit card.

Second Year Students, please note:

All accepted Second Year Students are required to contribute $1,500 towards their cross-cultural missions experience. As the full cost is around $2,750 (approx.), students are also required to collaborate with their IMPACT team to raise funds to cover the remainder of the necessary funds.

Students With Dietary Needs

Please inquire with the Director of Admissions upon application as to whether CLBI is able to accommodate your dietary needs. CLBI reserves the right to charge additional fees for special dietary needs and may request a physician’s note regarding the health conditions that necessitate the diet. For example, a gluten free diet will be charged an additional $300 per semester.

Financial Assistance

At CLBI, we keep our costs and fees as low as possible and provide a variety of student aid options for our students. The CLBI Student Aid Guide provides a list of options and strategies available to CLBI students and applicants to help them pursue financial aid for enrolment at CLBI. For more information on financial assistance, email the CLBI Director of Admissions at

Click image to view CLBI Student Aid Guide.

Payment Options (Canadian Students)

It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the payment of their fees. Students awaiting student loans, bursaries or scholarships must arrange personal interim financing until these funds are available. It is not expected that changes will be made to the fees as they are listed, however CLBI reserves the right to make alterations to fees up to one month prior to the first day of classes for the respective school year.


  • Pay all fees for the full year on registration day.
  • Receive a $75.00 discount.


  • Pay all fees for each semester in full by the due dates.
  • Semester 1 due on Registration Day.
  • Semester 2 due on first day of classes in January.
  • Outstanding balances after these dates are subject to 1 ½ % interest, charged monthly where a payment plan is not in place.


  • 50% of each semester must be paid by the due dates previously stated.
  • Remainder may be paid with monthly post-dated cheques or preauthorized debits.
    There is a financing fee of $10.00/cheque for this service.
  • Each semester must be paid in full by the beginning of the last month of the semester.
    (i.e. December 1 and April 1)
  • If a payment plan is not in place by September 30th, the student may be asked to leave.
  • If there is an outstanding balance remaining for Semester 1 on December 1 the student will not be able to return for Semester 2.
  • Any student with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises. Diplomas/transcripts will not be released until all fees are paid.
  • There will be a $20.00 charge on any returned cheques. This will also result in interest being charged on the unpaid balance.

REFUNDING OF FEES (Canadian Students)

Any student who withdraws or is dismissed will be charged board and room for the week in which the withdrawal or dismissal takes place. Board and room fees due to the student will be refunded at the rate of 90% of the prorated charge after all financial obligations and withdrawal procedures have been met.

Students who withdraw will have their tuition fees, activity fee and general fee reassessed according to the following table: (The application and registration fees are nonrefundable.)

Refund per Program:
Within 48 hours of registration day 100%
Remainder of first week 90%
Second week 80%
Third week 70%
Fourth week 50%
Fifth week 30%
Sixth week 0%

  • Students who are dismissed will not have any tuition fees or activity fees refunded.
  • The refund is calculated according to the above table, based on the date that the official fully completed withdrawal form, bearing the signatures of the necessary school officials, is received by the business office.
  • Special cases may be dealt with on their merits by administration, and may be referred to the Executive Committee of the Board for recommendation.