Over the last little while the phrase, “we’re going on an adventure,” has slipped past Derrick’s mouth multiple times with what some may call a British accent. It all seemed to find its start as we were boarding a night train to Erdenet. General anticipation, and the sounds of the trains coming into the terminal, mixed with us hurrying to our cabin, made our hearts race and excitement grow. We are on an adventure.


She took the midnight train to Erdenet

While on the incredibly hot train, we prayed and did debrief as a team. Our main prayer became, “Father, please surprise us – take us on your adventure.” There was something in each of us that wanted to see God’s greatness as our time in Mongolia came to an end; and oh, how our God does not disappoint.


Goat herders just before we went horseback riding, and our Swedish friend Jakob, who is one of the three short-term language students we became really great friends with.

We started off our time in Erdenet by working in a coffee shop where we met many amazing people. God granted us great conversations, lots of laughs, and surprises along the way. As much as the plan was to be in the coffee shop, we often found ourselves in other places with little warning. We ended up in a military school, a school for disabled children, a sports night with a church, a youth group night that was hosted by an American woman, and hiking and wandering around with some girls we had met through another English club. Each place God put us, he equipped us for the moment. In the times we were with secular groups he equipped us to evangelize and be in relationship, and in the times we were with local Christians he equipped us to lay down our preconceived notions of who he is in order to be a part of their lives and worship in unity. God is transforming our hearts and the hearts of the Mongolians day-by-day.


So long ago, Solongo (our guide) was looking out onto Erdenet

One night, La Dauna noticed that we had played the card game, “three blind mice,” almost everywhere we had been. She said that it’s interesting how the game we played the whole trip defines us. We are the four blind mice in Mongolia – we may have an idea or a plan, but we never know the outcome. As we are packing up for the trip home and getting ready to leave in a matter of hours, we still feel blind. A part of us is not ready to say “bayartai” (goodbye) to the incredible friends we’ve made, a part of us is looking back with adventure still in our hearts, and a part of us is fully aware how hard and yet easy it will be to come home. My hope for this trip was to fall in love with something about this place, and I am happy to say that we leave Mongolia feeling heavy today because we started to love.


The road leading us to camels, horses, cow/yaks, eagles, and other great sightings

Join us in praying for those who do not know Christ in Mongolia, and in praising God for the outpouring of his love.