Greetings from team South Africa!

It is now only one week left of our missions experience. Crazy! This week has been a bit different than the others weeks we’ve had. As I mentioned in the other post, there has been some fires in the area that have affected a lot of individuals in Hout Bay. In the community of Imizamo Yethu, there was a fire that burnt down around 3,000 shacks. More than 10,000 individuals were left homeless. So on Monday, we headed to IY to help with registering folk to get more supplies for their houses. On Tuesday when we were helping distribute clothing on the soccer field, there was a little boy that was lying in the middle of the field who had wet himself from waist to toe. We found him some new clothes and then proceeded to try and find his mother. Long story short, this turned into a “day care” of sorts for mothers who could drop off their kids while they sorted through clothes and pick them up afterwards. Although it seemed pretty chaotic at times, the mothers were so grateful to shop baby free.


Fire in Imizamo Yethu


Babies at our impromptu daycare

We also had the privilege of going on a little roadie (road trip) to an area of Cape Town called Stellenbosch, to participate in a kids sports ministry. So we slapped on our shoes and joined a tennis practice, and repeatedly were put to shame by 11-year-olds. It was awesome. Playing tennis also served as a good warm-up for our hike with the youth group from Bayview Baptist on Saturday. Lead by Pastor Burt all the way up to Chapmans Peak. The views were amazing.


Mariah’s sassy tennis skills. Our “coaches” were amazing.


Hiking up Chapman’s Peak with the youth group.


Breathtaking view from the peak

“What might this week have in store for us?” is probably something you are all wondering. Well, let me tell you. This weekend is a long weekend for everyone in South Africa so not too much is happening event-wise. Mostly just saying our goodbyes, having a farewell party, and preparing for our trip back. Sad. Our flight leaves on Thursday evening and we land back in Edmonton on Saturday morning. Yipes. Three days of travelling–talk about quality time.

Some things to keep in your prayers:

Health – Russell has been battling a cold, which has made its way to Mariah and I. Stay strong, Grant. Pray that we will have the energy to finish our week strong.

To strengthen the hearts of those here and create a deeper passion for Christ. South Africa needs Christians to step out of their comfort zones and build relationships with those in the poor communities. It’s been crazy the effect just the four of us have had by being willing to walk around and get to know those in Hangberg.

Thank you for all your support! See you soon, Canada!!