Our first few hours on our journey were quite eventful as we tried to navigate our way to our hotel from the Beijing airport. Finding the shuttle became impossible, and the driving was absolutely insane and on the brink of terrifying. Being simultaneously overtired, nervous, and excited showed itself differently in the four of us, and continues to do so as we get thrown into the unknown.


Our view of the sunrise out of the window of our room in the orphanage

After surviving our time in Beijing, we jumped right into things our first full day in Mongolia and began serving in an orphanage, outside of Ulaanbaatar during Tsagaan Sar (the Mongolian Lunar New Year). Within the first hours of our arrival, we saw Christ in the people we were there to serve. We saw His excitement in the welcoming arms of the boys who dragged La Dauna and Jayme up to the top floor to play, we saw His joy in the smiles and laughter shared as we helped prepare food with the teenage girls, and we saw His heart in the actions of those who run the orphanage. Our favorite word for this past week is “yaagaad” (why). This is inspired by a frustrated 11-year-old boy who kept losing a card game.


A little boy named Moses who is the one who would yell out “YAAGAAD!”

Throughout the week we were there, God continued to grace us with glimpses of him through creation in the sunrises and on the hilltops, through his people, through fun, through the church, and through the heart of celebration. Needless to say, when the time came earlier last week for Paul and Derrick to leave for hockey ministry, and earlier this week for La Dauna and I to say goodbye it was hard to say goodbye. As much as a large part of us wanted to stay with the kids, we feel God’s firm hand on the adventures to come–which are sure to include night trains, Gers, large birds, new friends, more babies and a chance to go camel riding.


On one of our hikes at the orphanage: the boys’ name is Batbold.

Please pray for continued growth and grace in team dynamics, more encounters with Christians from around the world to inspire and encourage one another, and that we would be given the ability to share unconditional love.

Team Mongolia