Hello everyone!

As I write this I am sitting in some very bright sunshine and relishing the sunburn I hadn’t expected to get on this trip! It’s been very warm the past few days in our new location of Knin. Split was a beautiful city to spend our past week in, and we were able to work with many different organizations in the area. However, it very much had the big city feel, and diving into street evangelism was a bit of a challenge for us. I remember praying early on that God would give me a new boldness for Him–in fact, our whole team prayed that prayer. I don’t know why I would have doubted Him, but to my surprise, He slowly answered that prayer, and over time, talking to strangers became easier! It was hard not to be captivated by an overwhelming feeling of emptiness and loneliness surrounding us in the culture there. God seemed to be a distant and cold source of life – a tradition and nothing more. But His hand is moving in Split, and we continue to lift up the ministries there that are slowly restoring the Gospel to His people.


Worshipping in the square has certainly helped us stay in tune with God during our stay here in Knin


Turning a new page in the type of evangelism we may be used to. These are the books we’ve been able to hand out on the street

We’ve been here in Knin for a few days now (since Wednesday), and we’ve had the pleasure to work with a local church of only 14 members. Street ministry has been the focus of our time here, which has included worshipping together (in English, German, and Spanish), distribution of Christian literature, skits, and cultural dances by a couple of the Argentinians in our crew. One of the women from the church has been sharing her talent of creating animal balloons, and we’ve just added face painting to our repertoire for the kids. It’s really been lots of fun, and also very encouraging to see so many stop, listen, talk, or take books. We’ve been praying quite a bit over the hearts of these people which we’ve found to be very hardened, and we would be encouraged to know that you are lifting them up as well! As a team, we 3 have been pretty great – God continues to work in us reminding us why we are here, and we are realizing more than ever that if the only thing we leave here is encouragement to the local ministries, then that is enough. We have been very surprised to find how much our presence has blessed the ministries that we’ve been with, and I believe this has added a lot of meaning to our trip. We may see little to nothing come of the work we do here, but our prayer is that we may see even a little of what God has been doing for years.


Cultural dances have been a part of our street ministry, keeping the whole program a little more upbeat


Krka National Park. Just falling in love with the beauty of this place

-Team Croatia