Hello all!

Team South Africa has landed and we are all finally over the jet lag nastiness. Praise the Lord. All four of us are staying with Deiter and Angi’s kids, Jarryd and Ashley, and Jarryd’s wife Khara. We live in an area called Hout Bay, just a 10-minute walk from the beach. I know, just the worst.

The first week has consisted mainly of meeting people and figuring out what kind of routine works best for the group. Some background information to the area: Hout Bay is split up into 3 different communities: a wealthier community in between two poorer communities. These places have very big social boundaries and it is rare to see anyone of some wealth inside the poor areas. As a result, a lot of our ministry is just beginning to break those social boundaries by meeting and spending time with those in a poor community.


The Church (Bayview Baptist) we attend and encourage while we are here

In the mornings we head to an area called Hangberg, and we spend time with the Grade R (kindergarten) classes, leading songs and acting out bible stories. The kids are all very energetic and absolutely love the sheep song. Who doesn’t though, am I right? After hanging out with the kids we usually head to the church up the hill, enjoy some food, and spend some time in the Word as a group.


Us at the afterschool program we help out with at Bayview Baptist. The kids love the mini guitar and can’t get enough of our long hair!

From there it varies from day to day. Most days we help with the after school program for kids, do street ministry, or go on hikes with locals. As you can probably tell, the culture here is very different from Canada, and at first, it was very confusing and we were a little frustrated with a lack of structure. However, we have quickly learned to just take one day at a time and soak it all in. Yes, that includes the sun and we are trying not to get too burnt, though Kelsey has not fully succeeded.


The view of the school we spend our mornings at from the back of the church

Please pray that God would continue to provide for us and the team, especially financially. We are hoping to do some outreach events with women, and another with young men, but financially it isn’t in the books right now. Also, as we mentioned above, this area really struggles with big social boundaries, so keep in your prayers that God would provide people and opportunities to show God’s infinite, inclusive love. Pray for the people of Hout Bay to step out of their comfort zones and interact with those of different communities. As Pastor Dieter always says, “we need to create a kingdom shaped church, not a church shaped kingdom”.

Thanks for all the love, prayers and support, friends! Love you all!

Team South Africa