Hi, this is Team East Asia. We wanted to update you on our preparations and feelings towards our upcoming trip. Our team had it quite stressful lately in regards to preparations. There is so much paperwork involved including VISAS, pictures to be taken, renewing a passport at the last minute, getting proper information about our stay there and the invitation letters as needed. It was a lot to take care of mainly because of all the extra requirements our host country called for. But it’s getting better now. The closer we get towards the day of departure, the more excitement takes over. We are a little nervous but also hugely excited for the new environment and culture we get to experience, and we are looking forward to learning new things from it. It’s exciting to be immersed in a completely different culture, and we can’t wait to try new foods for instance. For the spiritual aspect of it, we are excited to meet new people and are hoping to have lots of opportunities to be able to share the gospel, be challenged, grow in faith and have great experiences abroad.



Photo from left to right:

Luke, Chad, Julia, Laura