Hamjambo from Team Kenya,

This past month has been a time of excitement as we have begun to prepare for our trip.  God has blessed us as our visa applications were accepted, our flights have been successfully booked, and it appears that everything in our itinerary seems to be falling into place.  Being only a month away from our departure we have started to work on some more time sensitive preparations such as vaccinations, developing a budget, and making a packing list of the things we will need to take with us.  We are confident that our group is unified in our mission and we are prepared (or unprepared) to see what surprises God has in store for us.  None of us has ever left North America so we are anxious to get on a plane and go.  Although this trip will be something that we are looking forward to we do recognize that for each of us there are elements of the trip that are more nerve-racking than others.  However, we know God will be faithful and that all will work for his glory.  It is for this reason that we covet and cherish your prayers.  Thank you for your continuing support.

Kwa Herini,

Team Kenya

Photo from left to right:

Zane, Kevin, Isaac