Some days it blows our minds to think that in a matter of weeks we will legitimately be in a different country; 1000s of kilometers (or miles) away from friends, family, and the familiar. As we plan to step into an almost entirely unknown adventure, there seems to be a lingering sense of expectation. It seems as though God is smiling at us and saying, “Just wait and see what I have planned for you.” He has been working on each of our hearts and has begun to set a burden in us for the people of Mongolia as we learn more about their culture and the ways God has been moving in the country. Our hope and our prayer is that we would be able to experience relationship with the Mongolians and that we’d be able to meet with God as we meet with each person we encounter. In this time, we would so appreciate your prayers for safe travels, and that as we travel and participate in the work God is doing, that we would be doing his will – not our own.

As of right now it looks like we will still be able to help out with the hockey program if the weather remains at -30! (a bittersweet temperature situation) The other aspects of ministry that we will be partaking in are very much up in the air, as Mongolia is appearing to be quite the free-spirited country!  Relationships will be a huge part of this experience. It will hopefully include many laughs with new people and us, especially as Derrick learns to fine tune the art of throat singing.

Our departure date gets closer and closer as the days’ end and begin and our emotions become mixed. As much as we are experiencing expectation it seems to look differently each day. Is it excitement, eagerness, stress, expectations, fear, or God’s peace? Honestly, it depends on the day. The more we think/ talk about it the more we are pushed to reflect on our true emotions. In this time of preparation, God has been giving us peace that surpasses all other emotion. God has been relieving stress in showing that He provides through all of you who have supported each of us. With great anticipation of challenges this trip will bring, we rest in the fact that our God is with us and has already prepared the way.  We are excited to be immersed in a new culture and to learn from the people we will be working alongside as well as the people we will be sitting with, talking with, and creating relationships with.

May God bless you as continue to bless us. It honestly means the world to us. Thank you!

– Jayme

Photo from left to right:

LaDauna, Paul, Derrick, Jayme