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 On November 14, 1932 a prayer was answered. In the Cottage School building in Camrose, using desks repaired from an old school house, students gathered to sit at Jesus’ feet through the studying of God’s Word. This was the beginning of a discipling movement called CLBI. The pietistic roots of CLBI brought a passion for helping young people to have a living faith in Jesus Christ, to know God’s Word and be equipped to live lives that reflected the character of Jesus. November 10-12, 2017 is the time to gather together and praise God for the 3132 students who have been discipled through this school’s 85-year history.
When we gather in November, believers around the world will have just finished celebrating the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses onto the Wittenberg door. The Reformation was a movement that called believers back to God’s Word. The theme for CLBI’s 85th anniversary is “God’s Word is Our Heritage.” Too many don’t see the precious life-giving gift we have in God’s Word. It is time to plan your trip to Camrose to reminisce, reconnect, and rally around God’s Word. During the weekend we will be praying for the Spirit to rekindle a hunger and thirst for God’s unchanging Word.
 There is no registration fee for the weekend; we ask attendees to pray about making a generous donation to CLBI to help propel this ministry into the future.  Childcare will be availabe at services and Saturday morning teaching session.

Friday, Nov. 10

7:30pm –  Opening Service @ CLBI

  Speaker: Pastor Ted Hill
9:00pm –  Coffee and Cake
    (Celebrating Martin Luther’s Birthday)
9:30pm –  Campfire through the decades
Saturday, Nov 11
9:00am –   Bible Class with Dr. Preston Pouteaux
10:15am – Coffee Time
10:45am – Remembrance Day Service
11:15am – Annual General Meeting
12:30pm – Lunch
2:00pm –  Dessert by Decade
3:00pm –  Activities (crafts/tours/sports)
6:00pm –  Banquet at CLBI
7:30pm –  Service @ Messiah Lutheran
 Speaker:Pastor Dean Rostad
Sunday, Nov 12
2:30pm – Anniversary Celebration Service @ CLBI
Speaker: Pastor Karl Johnsen
There will be a silent auction through out the weekend. To contribute purchased or homemade items please contact the office at 780.672.4454
Please RSVP by emailing Kate at clbi@clbi.edu or calling the office.


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