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The Book of Hebrews
BIS 114.1/214.1

Course Description
The book of Hebrews has been called the sermonic epistle because it reads very much like a sermon or exhortation. Two of the big ideas in the sermon are that Jesus Christ is God’s Word to us, superior in every way, and to live the Christian life believers must persevere and endure in the face of disappointment and persecution. This course will closely examine how the Book of Hebrews presents (1) the interplay between Christ as fully human and divine, and the difference that makes for Christians, (2) how the longings of God’s Old Testament people are fulfilled in Christ, and (3) how Christ empowers you to be loyal to him even in the face of strong opposition.

Pastor Mark Mattes

Option 1: $150 (includes online access and course content)
Option 2: $200 (includes course content and lunch meals)
Option 3: $400 (includes course content, meals, and room & board on campus)

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