CLBI Degree Program

Following the successful completion of CLBI’s different programs, students may apply to continue in pursuit of one of the following degrees. Though non-accredited, both CLBI degrees have been accepted as adequate preparation for service in ministry or as a prerequisite to seminary training or other ministry-related master’s programs.*

*Alternatively, students wishing to pursue an accredited undergraduate or graduate degree, may make use of CLBI’s formal transfer agreement with Rocky Mountain College (learn more) or seek favourable transfer into a different accredited Christian institution (see list).

Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies (BACS)

An internship and the successful completion of both liberal arts and ministry major requirements, as approved by CLBI, will lead to the attainment of the Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies degree.


A component of the Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies degree program is successful completion of an eight-month (1000 hr.) internship experience. Each internship experience is arranged through CLBI and is supervised by a combined team of field supervisors and administrative staff through CLBI. Students may choose the particular denomination or synod within which they prefer to complete the internship. Accommodation is made wherever possible to provide each student with the opportunity to work in the setting that is most conducive to his/her area of interest.

Students are required to apply for an internship at least six months prior to the intended start date. A major must be declared in the application procedure. Possible majors include:

  • Christian Education
  • Mission
  • Outdoor Ministry
  • Parish Services
  • Worship Ministry
  • Urban Ministry
  • Youth ministry

In this chapter of learning, the desire is to see the Spirit of God bring maturity as the areas of gifting, vision, skills, character and heart flourish in the life of an intern. Part of this occurs through hands-on involvement in ministry. An additional component is involvement in a variety of seminars, courses, and other learning opportunities related to the major. A year of internship is an additional season for intense growth as the hand of God continues to mold the individual into a servant leader.

Those who are interested in applying to be a part of an internship need to contact the CLBI office for an internship application or downloand one here.


A second component of the Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies degree program is successful completion the following academic requirements.

One class (3 credits) from each of the following areas:

  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • English Composition
  • Public Speaking (Toastmasters Level 1 may be completed as an alternative to a college course in public speaking)

Specific Course Requirements

To compliment the training students receive during the internship, they are to select five classes (3 credits each) that pertain to the area of emphasis in the internship. Students will be able to find related courses at a Christian college with more extensive course offerings. Contact CLBI for school recommendations and approval of courses. All classes must be approved by CLBI in order to fulfill the requirements of the BACS degree. Please contact CLBI before registering.

Upon completion of the degree program, students graduate with a Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies. This degree is very practical in nature designed to equip the student to serve in vocational ministry. These degrees have provided opportunities for individuals to be qualified for service in children’s ministry, camp ministry, parish work, youth ministry, and other ministry in various denominations and synods.

Bachelor of Theological Studies (BTS)

A degree focused more on academic education than experiential learning. It is required that a total of 63 additional credits of liberal arts and advanced level
theological and professional study be successfully completed to obtain the Bachelor of Theological Studies. The BTS degree can serve as a stepping stone for those desiring to pursue a career in pastoral ministry or in a vocational ministry career that requires further academic pursuits.

Included in the course selections must be six credits from each of the following areas:

  • Philosophy, Psychology, or Sociology (six credits in two of these areas)
  • English
  • Natural Science or Mathematics
  • History

The remaining 33 credits can be comprised of a variety of elective courses. All classes must be approved by CLBI in order to fulfill the requirements of the BTS
degree. Please contact the Program Director at CLBI before registering. Contact CLBI for school recommendations.

Due to CLBI’s size and innovative educational style, it has not pursued official accreditation status. CLBI’s academic philosophy is to provide solid, practical Christian education.  CLBI was extended the privilege to grant degrees of divinity through an act of the Alberta legislature in 1983 and offers a Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies degree as well as a Bachelor of Theological Studies.