Urban Hike

In November 2017, we sent a film crew along to document our annual trip to the streets of downtown Edmonton, Alberta.  The goal of this trip is to serve in the agencies and kitchens that serve the homeless populations as well as grow personally as we break down the barriers of “us” vs. “them”.

CLBI Mini Documentary

Part One

In marketing a bible college, it’s easy to say “we have the best programs with the best instructors.”  But let’s be honest here.  Who is really going to say, “Our program is average,” or, “our instructors are nothing special.”  How do you quantify what a good program is or what a good instructor looks like?

This past April, we decided to take a risk and shoot a mini documentary on a couple of instructors who come to teach one of our ‘one week/one credit courses.’  Rather than just saying we have great instructors, we wanted to show you.

In Part 1, we meet two of these instructors and hear a bit of their story as they come to teach at CLBI.  They are:

  • Dr. Preston Pouteaux (@prestonpouteaux) who is a church planter at Lake Ridge Community Church located in Chestermere, Alberta.  Preston regularly teaches courses such as “Life of David,” and “Pentateuch” at CLBI.
  • Lance Odegard (@lanceodegard) who is a church planter at Artisan Church located in East Vancouver, British Columbia.  Lance regularly teaches courses such as “Book of Psalms,” and “Corinthians” at CLBI.

Part Two

In part 2, we hear about the attack that is happening on our value/identity.  Lance and Preston share personal stories and biblical insight into why and how this is a common human experience.

Part Three

In Part 3, we discuss how living into our identity involves ‘doing.’  Preston and Lance give tangible stories and examples of what we are called to do when we begin leaning into who God has created us to be.