A program designed for real life.

At CLBI, our program is intentionally designed to help students grow in their faith and develop the tools to live out their lives as active disciples of Christ. As we strive to provide our students with the best education possible, we bring in quality instructors from around the world to share their experience, knowledge, and mentorship in their respective areas.

Programs offered at CLBI

  • Certificate in Christian Discipleship & Biblical Studies
  • Diploma in Christian Leadership & Mission
  • Bachelor’s Degree*
    • * following the completion of our different programs, students have options to continue on and complete an internship and then go on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree

First Year Program:

“Certificate in Christian Discipleship & Biblical Studies”

This program has a prerequisite requirement of a high school diploma (or equivalent). It is designed to help students become rooted in their understanding of Scripture and able to articulate their Christian faith with greater confidence. In addition to gaining an increased knowledge of the Bible, great benefits are gained by living in Christian community. Through a wide array of experiential learning opportunities, out-trips, and ministry components, not only does head knowledge develop, but greater heart-sensitivity also grows.

Designed to expose students to God-honouring directives for life, the CLBI experience is truly so much more than the academic classes. For many students, this program assists them in determining God’s direction for life. Students learn how to apply Biblical principles to various life decisions, as well as engaging in ministry opportunities and out-trips.

Second Year Program:

“Diploma in Christian Leadership & Mission”

This program has a prerequisite requirement of previous Biblical education (suitability of previous education at the discretion of the CLBI Program Director). It is a program focused on leadership development by studying and following the example of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible. The goal is to develop servant leaders equipped to lead various aspects of Christian ministry in the local church and beyond. Students in this program are active in leadership roles, as well as academic learning, out-trips and ministry components.

Having a strong emphasis in “hands-on” service both in Canada and abroad, in this ministry training program, students are placed in teams and trained and facilitated to plan their own mission trip. Then they board airplanes and visit their destination countries around the world (past teams have travelled to Ethiopia, Kenya, Haiti, Belize, Mongolia, Palestine, Brazil, Japan, Jamaica, and other destinations around the globe) for a month of service, learning, and bearing witness to our great Saviour and His redeeming work on earth. Students develop into servant leaders who are ignited to put their faith into action locally, nationally, and internationally.


Internships offer a great way to receive mentoring and work experience in a particular field of ministry that you are drawn towards. Internships are individually created around a student’s area of interest and passion. Interns are placed off-campus in a ministry where they can be mentored and challenged. In the past, students have been involved in internships such as camp ministry, parish ministry, youth ministry, music ministry, inner city ministry, and missions.


Following an Internship and the successful completion of both liberal arts and ministry major requirements, as approved by CLBI, students receive a Bachelor of Applied Christian Studies degree. Though non-accredited, this degree has been accepted as adequate preparation for service in ministry or as a prerequisite to seminary training or other ministry-related master’s programs. Alternatively, students wishing to pursue a formal undergraduate or graduate degree may make use of CLBI’s formal transfer agreement with Rocky Mountain College or seek favourable transfer into another accredited Christian institution (see list).

LEARN MORE about CLBI’s Bachelor’s Degree program and options.


Most of our courses are offered as week-long intensives called modules, a format which allows us to bring in quality instructors from around the world to teach in their specific areas of interest and expertise. Among the wide range of courses we offer are ones such as: Personal Worship and Prayer, Galatians– Living Free in Christ, The Life of David, Introduction to World Missions, Ethics in the Light of Scripture, and Foundations of Faith.

Along with traditional classroom learning, students also engage in valuable learning through the non-traditional classroom. Our non-traditional classrooms include the outdoors, inner city, local community, and worship team experiences in churches. (Learn more)

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Our travel adventures include the Fall Canoe Trip, Winter Hike, and Urban Ministry trip. Click HERE to learn more about these exciting parts of our program.
CLBI Plus events are teaching nights open to all members of the public, free of charge! You are invited to come take part in  any of these evenings throughout the year and even join the students for supper downstairs beforehand. We’d love to have you! Click HERE for more information and schedule.
Open classes are student classes that are open to the public. Come join us in deepening our understanding of the Bible, ministry and Scripture’s application to our lives. For information on this year’s open courses and cost, click HERE.