Policies and Regulations

Students are expected to respect the following institutional guidelines while at CLBI. Failure to comply may result in the student being asked to withdraw.

  1. Students will be committed to abstain from practices that Scripture speaks against. Scripture identifies as wrong such specific acts as drunkenness, gossip, occult practices and sexual sins. These include premarital sex, prostitution, pornographic involvement, adultery and homosexual behaviour. Forms of dress or adornment that imply endorsement of such behaviours are similarly to be avoided. Scripture also requires that such attitudes as greed, jealousy, envy, lust, bitterness, gossip, unrestrained anger and an unforgiving spirit not be found in Christian community.
  2. Students will be committed to refrain from smoking or any other use of tobacco. Students will abstain from gambling in any form, including lotteries and VLTs. They will refrain from dishonesty in any form (verbal or written). They will abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages or street drugs. They will abstain from the possession or use of pornographic or any morally or degrading literature or media. Students will not attend establishments or activities where it is a reasonable expectation that drugs and/or alcohol may be present. Should an exception to this be imminent, clear boundaries that would uphold Campus Policies and maintain a Christian witness must be set.
  3. Students will be committed to exercise good judgment in their involvement with media. Students will restrict their participation with movies, videos, computer and video games, the internet, and literature with Christian discretion.
  4. Students will not engage in any abusive behaviour or harassment of any form. CLBI’s detailed Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault is available at the Main Office upon request.
  5. Students will not be involved in any form of criminal offense.

CLBI believes that adherence to the above guidelines fosters the kind of academic and social environment that is desirable at a Bible school. These guidelines also serve to protect the integrity of CLBI’s reputation in the community and among our constituents.