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CLBI President’s Report – Pastor Dean Rostad

In CLBI's 86-year history there have been many beautiful chapters of ministry. One way God shaped those chapters was through the CLBI staff. This past year some staff finished their chapter of service at the [...]

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Annelise Rust Campfire Shelter

September 24, 2018 - It has been quite the busy couple of weeks as the good folks from "Crazy Creek Timber Structures" assembled these gorgeous timber shelters in the CLBI courtyard. This fall roofs will be [...]

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CLBI Site Plan

  This summer work has started on the CLBI campus to transform it into a more usable outdoor space for students, guest groups and the Camrose community. Please stop by some time, or see CLBI's instagram feed [...]

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Flying Yogurt

"Instead of a cutting-edge slicing into the layers of culture, the church impacts culture much like flying yogurt." – Bill Hull December 4-8, 2017, Pastor Ted Hill and I had the privilege of team teaching [...]

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