Goal: to see the CLBI campus to be:
1. An outer reflection of the work that God desires to do in us.
2. A comfortable, functional and attractive setting to facilitate CLBI’s discipling efforts.
3. Designed and maintained as an attractive destination for summer rental groups. It is desired that rentals will become a significant future income source for CLBI.

Good planning is essential, yet the following priorities need to be flexible as they are dependant upon many factors (funding, volunteer availability, staffing, etc.) If you would like to discuss being part of any of the following projects (expertise, funding, labour), please contact Dean Rostad at 780-672-4454.

Here is a priority list of upcoming renovations (order subject to change):

  1. Overhaul of Top floor Vinge Bathroom (guys dorm) – featuring larger showers with private spaces for dressing. Generous space for maneuvering around sinks and toilet stalls. This project will require expanding the existing bathroom to use one of the bedrooms to the east or west.
  2. Complete master site plan for the campus. The master plan will include a revamping of the parking area, the location of the new shop, campfire area, and other outdoor recreation areas.
  3. Construction of new shop
  4. Construction of new parking area
  5. Construction of outdoor recreation areas (campfire, basketball).
  6. Overhaul of dorm room furniture in top floor of Vinge (guy’s dorm) and Pearson (girl’s dorm). The rooms in Vinge are to contain a bunk bed and single bed.
  7. Conversion of rooms on the 2nd floor of both Pearson (girl’s dorm) and Vinge (guy’s dorm) into bedrooms with self-contained bathrooms. This is one of the most appealing features that rental groups look for. During the school year, these rooms will be used for short-term volunteers and for alumni that have been invited back to participate in CLBI’s program.
  8. Overhaul of CLBI courtyard