“Instead of a cutting-edge slicing into the layers of culture, the church impacts culture much like flying yogurt.” – Bill Hull

December 4-8, 2017, Pastor Ted Hill and I had the privilege of team teaching the class: Faith, Film, and Culture. Two of the aims of the class was to help the student recognize how the dominant culture around us is trying to shape us, and also to prepare the student to be able to effectively engage culture (unlike flying yogurt).

The 200 level students spent much of the week reflecting on a chapter from Pastor Tim Keller’s book Preaching where he lays out six sound practices for communicating to and reaching a culture.
1. Use accessible or well-explained vocabulary.
2. Employ respected authorities to strengthen your theses.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of doubts and objections.
4. Affirm in order to challenge baseline cultural narratives.
5. Make gospel offers that push on the culture’s pressure points.
6. Call for gospel motivation.

The following are three of the presentations the students gave at the conclusion of the week. God’s Spirit is stirring in the students here as they prepare to go out to be and to make disciples.

Lucas Meredith – YouTube Video / Spoken Word  – DEAR MA



Bekah Johnson – Art Project

“What a treacherous thing it is to believe a human person is more than a person” – John Green


gillian_larissaB O U N D A R I E S (1/3):
[a visual representation]
needing to be needed,
my identity
is tied to your approval.
codependency, hidden by a facade of loyalty and commitment.
a lack of boundaries disguised as love.
the intense desire for affection,
evolving into a lack of awareness.
make me who you want me to be.
form me, shape me, mold me.
I am malleable and ready to please
-even if it’s the end of me.


brinnvegs_B O U N D A R I E S (2/3):
[a visual representation]

Say you won’t say no.
When I say jump,
You will touch the sky.
We’ll get cozy
So there isn’t room for others
It’s just you and I
I’ll take you through it.
Decisions are hard,
So let me make yours for you
I can take care of us.
You can’t run,
You can’t hide,
Because now you can’t go without me.


anyabrynneB O U N D A R I E S (3/3):
[a visual representation]
Having healthy emotional boundaries allows us to love each other properly.
It allows other people to love us properly. Instead of identifying ourselves by what others say, we can learn who we really are. Rather than holding too tightly to control in relationships, we can learn the joy of walking alongside each other as equals: supporting one another, encouraging one another, challenging one another, and celebrating the differences that we are created with.