CLBI has a formal transfer agreement with Rocky Mountain College of Calgary, AB called Pathways.  Following the completion of the certificate, diploma or degree program at CLBI several alumni have used these achievements as a springboard into various programs of higher learning in Christian ministry. 

There are two routes for CLBI students taking courses through our Pathways partnership agreement. One for students completing a CLBI degree program and one for students wanting to transfer into an RMC degree program.

1.  Students wanting to use Pathways courses in a CLBI degree program can take courses through RMC as a Visiting Student as they could with any other Christian college or university.

2.  Students wanting to use Pathways courses to earn an RMC degree will need to complete an application form and all the parts of that to be admitted as an RMC student.  On a case-by-case basis they are granted transfer credits, and are awarded credit through the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process.  This will vary according to in the degree program each student is pursuing.  RMC will advise students on what courses they will need and should take for the RMC degree they choose.

Feel free to contact us at CLBI for more information


Students can contact or Toll Free phone: 877.968.6762 to get started with the process.