The following is a list of bursary and scholarships that are awarded annually to students attending CLBI. Primarily, the annual interest from these investments are given to assist students in financial need who have displayed diligence in their studies. Contributions may be made to any of the existing bursaries, scholarships and endowments to increase student financial aid.

Marguerite Evenson Memorial Bursary

Rev. George O. Evenson, part-time teacher at CLBI in the early ’80s, has established the Marguerite Evenson Memorial Bursary Fund in memory of his wife Marguerite (nee Pederson). Born in Madagascar, the daughter of missionaries, she trained to be a registered nurse in Minnesota. She attended the Lutheran Bible Institute, Minneapolis, for two years.

After her marriage to George O. Evenson in the spring of 1938, she immigrated with him to Canada. From 1940 to 1951 she was school nurse at SLBI (now LCBI), Outlook (where her husband was president), and at times dean of girls and part-time instructor. When they moved to Camrose in 1980 she immediately became active in the CLBI Women’s Auxiliary, and was such until her death from cancer in the spring of 1987.

This Memorial Bursary celebrates her love for the Word of God, and her desire that the lives of others might be enriched by it. To that end this bursary is established in confidence that the Holy Spirit will use the annual bursaries it provides for the blessing of the recipients and the glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The recipient/s of this bursary must meet the following criteria:

  1. Financial need
  2. Show diligence in study (not necessarily superior academic performance) and a visible and positive attitude towards the school’s goals, objectives and standards.
  3. The bursary shall be applied directly to the student’s tuition and other CLBI fees.

The annual award, being the net income from the invested fund, may be split between more than one applicant, as the Scholarship Committee decides.

Nyholm and Trygstad Scholarship/Bursary Endowment Fund

This endowment fund was established in 1992 by a former CLBI faculty member and missionary to honour the memory of two founding pioneers of CLBI: Pastor Paul C. Nyholm, who served as the first dean in 1932 and ’33, and Pastor G.M. Trygstad who worked as teacher with Pastor Nyholm during the first years and then succeeded him as the second dean of the Bible Institute.

Pastor Nyholm was the pastor of the Danish Lutheran Church in Dickson, Alberta and was given leave from his parish to lead the Bible Institute.

Pastor Trygstad’s background was Norwegian. He conducted evangelistic services in the Camrose area, and also went as a missionary to China.

This scholarship or bursary will be awarded annually; scholastic performance is not the most important criterion. The following preferences will be given:

  1. To a student coming from the Dickson congregation/area;
  2. To a student from abroad, especially from Africa; or,
  3. To a student from another foreign country, or
  4. To a student interested in mission work, or a missionary returning for continuing studies during a furlough.

Margarethe Nissen Bursary

In 1977 Margarethe Nissen came to teach the missions courses at CLBI> Missionary to Nigeria for over 30 years, she had become seriously ill there and therefore had to return to her family home at Dickson, AB. The Lord granted her a remarkable restoration to good hearth and energy, which enabled her to serve as a part-time teacher at CLBI for many years.

Following her death in 1999 this bursary was established in honour of Margarethe’s love for the Word of God and passion to see it reach the ends of the earth.

The Bernhardson and Vinge Bursary Endowment Fund

An endowment fund established by a former CLBI faculty member and missionary to honour the memory of two more CLBI deans and teachers: Pastors C.A. Bernhardson and A.M. Vinge.

Pastor Bernhardson came to CLBI to teach in 1935 and stayed with the Bible School nearly until his death; he served as dean from 1939 to 1947. Pastor Vinge joined the faculty in 1939 and became Bernhardson’s successor as dean from 1946 to 1957. Both men led the school during most difficult time periods of war and post-war. They also contributed significantly to the school’s development as the first and second buildings of the campus were constructed in 1939 and 1953-54 under their leadership.

The bursary will be available to a hard working student in need financially.

Anna and Viggo Andersen Endowment Fund

Their children established the endowment fund in 1992 in memory of Anna and Viggo Andersen. Both died during 1992 after living long and rewarding lives. Viggo was an alumnus of CLBI. He and his wife were always supportive of the Bible Institute and its mission and also encouraged their children to attend. A scholarship will be awarded annually to:

  1. A student expressing interest in a ministry degree program.
  2. A CLBI student preparing for professional church work.

Rebecca Lynn Olson Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rebecca Lynn Olson loved to study God’s word and God’s world. On her international travels in New Zealand she was killed in a tragic traffic accident. This memorial scholarship is open to first year or returning students. Qualifications:

  1. Interest in preparing for ministry to the deaf
  2. Interest in missions, at home or abroad
  3. Interest in youth ministry in day care service
  4. If the above criteria are not met, the Scholarship Committee is free to choose another recipient.

A member of the Olson family will present the award annually.

Alice Stolee Memorial Scholarship Fund

Alice Stolee had a deep faith which she expressed in her daily life through various church and service activities, teaching in schools around Alberta, many years as a missionary-teacher in Japan, and supporting organizations like CLBI so that others could hear the good news of Jesus Christ. An endowment was established upon her passing by her extended family in order that her heart for Bible education would not be forgotten. This scholarship is awarded annually to a student who:

  1. Has financial need to be able to continue studying at CLBI and/or
  2. Has sensed a calling to Christian ministry

The Margaret Dempsey Memorial Bursary

Margaret Dempsey was an alumna of CLBI (82) and the Fredly Bible School in Norway (86). She served on the CLBI Alumni Executive, and was killed in a tragic car accident in 1988. The family and friends of Margaret have established the bursary. It is open to a first-year or returning student preferably from Scandinavia. Other qualifications: a love of life, a joyful character, confidence and trust in God, a desire to help those who suffer emotionally, physically or spiritually.

Iris Peterson Bursary Fund

Her husband in memory of Iris (nee Olson) and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olson established this bursary fund in 1996. They were very dedicated to the Lord, the work of the church and the Bible Institute and its mission. The bursary is available 1) to a hardworking student with financial need. 2) To a student who shows diligence in study, (not necessarily superior academic performance) and a visible and positive attitude towards the school’s goals, objectives and standards.

Don and Clara Hedlin Bursary

Established in 2004. Don and Clara have been strong supporters of the Bible school movement and have been involved in the work and ministry of the church throughout their lives. To be awarded to a diligent student in financial need.

Marion Severson Memorial Scholarship

Marion, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Allen Severson, died at the tender age of thirteen. She confessed her faith and enjoyed reading the Bible. Her wish was to one day attend Bible school. The people of the parishes of Donalda and Edberg lovingly supported Marion and her parents during a time of suffering. The scholarship is also an expression of thanks to them. Available to a first-year or returning student, coming preferably from the Edberg or Donalda parishes in Alberta.

Rotary Club of Camrose Scholarship

Motivated by Rotary’s commitment to service in the community and support for educational opportunities available within Camrose, a scholarship is awarded to a student attending CLBI each year. This scholarship is given to a student who involves him/herself in opportunities for service within the Camrose community and whose life exemplifies the Rotary motto of Service Above Self.

Arnold Hagen Scholarship Fund

In recognition of Dr. Hagen’s years of service (1962-85) as president of CLBI, the Arnold Hagen Scholarship fund has been established. The scholarship is awarded annually to a candidate meeting the following criteria:

  1. the student with high proficiency in Biblical theology.
  2. A student returning to CLBI for a second year, with high marks in NT or Biblical studies, preferably planning for the ordained ministry.

Frieda Anger Memorial Endowment Bursary Fund

Mrs. Gisela Albers established this endowment fund in memory of her mother, Frieda Anger, who died in 1978 on her 75th birthday in Germany.

Mrs. Anger was always very supportive of the mission work done by the Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine (Moravian Church). The spreading of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ was very dear to her heart. Her daughter, Mrs. Gisela Albers, attended CLBI for two years full-time, graduating 1993, at 63 years of age, with the General Christian Studies Certificate. She is now using her skills doing church work in her congregation. Gisela Albers felt so blessed by her CLBI experience that she wants to enable others, who need financial help, to experience the same blessing. This gift is in remembrance of her mother’s example as an active Christian.

This scholarship or bursary will be awarded annually. Scholastic performance is not the most important criterion. The following preferences will be given:

  1. To a student from a foreign country, or
  2. To a student interested in mission work, or a missionary returning for continuing studies during a furlough, or
  3. To a student who has been involved in a ministry team for CLBI and returned to CLBI for further studies, or
  4. To a student chosen by the Scholarship Committee.

The Alumni Bursary Fund

Established at the 1996 Alumni Association Meeting to help a student with financial need.

The Frank and Helen Olson Memorial Scholarship for Music

The scholarship fund was established by the late Mrs. Helen Olson to commemorate her husband who predeceased her. The couple had no children, but “Frank loved being with kids” and youth of his extended family, like CLBI. The purpose of the fund is to enhance the music program of CLBI. It is open to a student with the following qualifications:

  • The qualifying student is expected to be involved with the CLBI choir and/or involved musically in times of worship at the Bible school on a regular basis.
  • Preference given to students with musical proficiency such as: Grade 8 level or equivalent keyboard skills (Royal Conservatory or Western Board); experience accompanying choirs and/or worship services.

Erik Eriksson Memorial Scholarship

Mrs. Berit Eriksson established the Erik Eriksson Memorial Scholarship in remembrance of her son Erik who died of Leukaemia at the age of 17 before he could enrol at CLBI. This scholarship is available for a first-year or returning student, based on academic performance and financial need.

This bursary is awarded annually to a candidate(s) who meets the following criteria:

  1. financial need
  2. student from Alberta
  3. foreign student

If the above criteria are not met, the Scholarship/Bursary Committee is free to choose another recipient.

Clarence Bengtson Memorial Bursary

This bursary fund was established by the family from the estate of Clarence Bengtson. Clarence’s faith was greatly strengthened during his attendance at CLBI in the late thirties. He farmed in the Scandia, AB area till 1964 then worked in Brooks, AB as a bookkeeper until retirement. During his life he showed a deep commitment to God, his family, and his church. He loved music; singing in choirs and playing organ, tuba and accordion.

The Mavis Jensen Memorial Bursary

The Mavis Jensen Memorial Bursary for Hospitality and Christian Witness was established in memory of Mavis Jensen (died 1997, nee Vikse) by her husband Jens, and their four sons, all of whom attended CLBI. God gave Mavis Jensen the gift of hospitality. She made the Jensen household a place away from home for countless students from CLBI. There was always room for one more at the dinner table, and the door was always open for those in need of a coffee break. She worked tirelessly for CLBI and her church, and was always concerned with the need to strengthen the community of faith.

This memorial fund celebrates her gift of hospitality. It is available to returning students who exemplify a life of hospitality through their willingness to take the time to be with others, and who seek to develop and encourage community life.

The Kari Nedestrol Bursary Fund

Miss Stella Halland established the Kari Nedestrol Bursary. Kari, who lives in Skurdalen, Norway, spent five years of selfless service on her uncle’s farm in the Provost area, following the death of her aunt. Kari returned to Norway to care for her brother and mother on the family farm. This bursary is a recognition of the caring spirit that radiates from Kari’s love for her Lord and his people. The bursary is available to a student in financial need.

Damkar Bursary

Established by Ernest and Iris Damkar, this bursary is intended to support students returning to CLBI to continue their education. Primarily, funding from this bursary is to support students who come from rural areas and small towns in Canada.

Barnabas Bursary

Established in 2006, funds from this scholarship are awarded annually and are intended to support students in financial need.

The Leonard and Annie Bergum Bursary Fund

Established 1996. To be awarded to a diligent student in financial need.

Magda Mollerup Endowment Fund

Established in 2004. Viggo & Magda Mollerup were both supporters of CLBI living a life of financial diligence in order to be contribute to the Lord’s work. Viggo served in the role of treasurer on the CLBI board. Funds from this scholarship are awarded annually and are intended to support students in financial need.

Benny & Anne Anderson Bursary

This bursary was created in memory of Benny and Anne who were pioneers in the establishing of CLBI through their fervent prayer and faithful service for the Bible School.

This bursary is awarded annually to candidates with financial need, especially those with a world mission or otherwise international background.

Carl Henry Hanneman Scholarship/Bursary

Established through the Estate of Carl Henry Hanneman of Carstairs, Alberta in his memory. Funds will be awarded annually to CLBI students meeting the following criteria:

  1. Students who have travelled on a team for CLBI and have returned for further studies.
  2. Foreign students needing financial help.

Olaf and Carol Friggstad Memorial Bursary

Olaf & Carol Friggstad lived in Frontier, SK. They farmed, raised 7 children, and devoted their lives to the work of their church, Bethel Lutheran, as well as many other church organizations. Olaf became an active lay-evangelist within the church with preaching missions all over western Canada and northern USA. The Friggstads were also involved in manufacturing on the family farm with Friggstad Manufacturing. Numerous community projects were led by Olaf. Olaf was honored with awards that included the Order of Canada, Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame, Saskatchewan Association of Agrologists, and a Saskatchewan Centenary medal.

Carol died in 2006 and Olaf in 2008. At the time of Olaf’s death their family of 7 had grown to 72. Many of their children and grand children became students at CLBI, which was one of their favorite institutions where they saw faith in action and many young people mature in their faith, becoming leaders in their own communities and church.

This bursary is intended to encourage young people to attend CLBI and to grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior.

The Spirit of the LEM Bursary

The spirit of the LEM was stated as follows: “Being a free, spontaneous Movement within Lutheranism, the Lutheran Evangelistic Movement has as its purpose by God’s grace to revive and deepen the spiritual life and fellowship of believers, to save the lost, and to encourage the use of spiritual gifts for the extension of Christ’s kingdom.” Established in 2003, this bursary is given to encourage a passion among the students of CLBI for leading souls to peace with God in Jesus Christ.

Salem Bursary

Established in 2007 by Salem Lutheran in Kingman, AB. The congregation at Salem and CLBI have enjoyed a wonderful relationship over the years which has been a mutual blessing. The establishment of this bursary communicates Salem’s desire that this relationship be maintained and perhaps even strengthened.

In particular, Salem has appreciated the many CLBI students who have served to maintain ministry to children and youth at Salem by teaching Sunday School.

Through this bursary Salem hopes to support CLBI students who respond to the call to participate in community churches as part of their CLBI education. It is intended that the bursary assist CLBI students who may otherwise be held from further learning and the resulting opportunities to serve our LORD, due to financial uncertainties they may face.

The recipient will be a worthy student committed to following Christ and serve in the local churches where there are needs.

Messiah ELW Bursary

Mollerup Family Student Aid Fund

Established in 2012 to the honor and glory of God on behalf of the Mollerup family. Viggo & Magda Mollerup were both supporters of CLBI and were very involved its early years. Viggo served as the school treasurer for 10 years. Magda always welcomed CLBI students into their home for fellowship over coffee and cookies. Their children have all attended CLBI and see those years as a student as some of the most important and valuable years of their lives.

This fund was established to make it possible for students with financial hardships to attend.

Bob and Elly Holmberg Memorial Bursary

Established in 2011 in memory of Bob and Elly Holmberg. Bob and Elly Holmberg, long-time residents of Camrose, saw firsthand how CLBI shaped Christ-like men and women for service in their homes, churches and communities. It was their desire, through gifts like theirs, to see CLBI continue well into the future and to support students financially.

Stolee Bursary Fund

Established in 2006 in memory of Mike & Doris Stolee.

Soul Works Bursary

The three-dimensional impression of the CLBI logo that has become a landmark in Camrose on the northeast corner of the CLBI property was the result of countless hours of work by alumnus and international artist, Bryan Haab. Working in collaboration with Bryan was an army of volunteers that included present students, alumni and various members of the Camrose community. The sculpture was unveiled in October 2004 and since that time many have commented on the sculpture’s beauty and the incredible amounts of detail woven throughout each symbol that comprises the CLBI emblem; the cross, dove, flame, Bible, and hand.

Rather than receiving a wage, Bryan and the many assistants willingly gave of their time so that monies for the labour costs could be directed into a bursary fund. The Soul Works Bursary acknowledges the hard work of so many in creating the sculpture and in honour of God’s gift of creativity and artisanship. The Soul Works bursary is intended for any student in financial need who has an artistic and resourceful spirit.

Glen and Joan Carlson Renewal Bursary

Glen and Joan Carlson spent their lives and ministry very committed to the renewal movement within the Lutheran church in Canada. Pastor Glen served at Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rosenthal (Stony Plain) as well as Emmaus Lutheran in Edmonton for almost fifty years.

The following passage of Scripture communicates well what the Carlsons desire each student who attends CLBI to come to realize in the renewal of his/her life at this important juncture:

“In My Father’s plan you become My inheritance that I receive from My Father. Since I have adopted you I pass the inheritance of life and salvation on to you. By accepting this inheritance life takes on meaning, for you discover not only who you are but also what the plan and purpose is for your life.” Ephesians 1:11 (The Listening Bible)

This bursary is awarded annually to student(s) who exhibit a real love for Jesus and is in need of some financial assistance in order to continue to attend Bible school.

CLBI Compassion Bursary Fund

Established in 2014, this fund is intended to uphold and honour Christ’s unlimited love and compassion for all people. To encourage and support individuals through a concerning heart and love for others, brings faith, hope, peace and joy to others. Through this bursary Graham, Carol & Preston Wideman desire to continue to spur on and keep alive the Spirit of God’s love in Christ.

The bursary funds will be awarded annually to a student(s) who through God’s Holy Spirit actively demonstrates compassion for others by selflessly caring and serving around the world, in the Camrose community, and or at CLBI.

Jabez Bursary

The Jabez Bursary is to be awarded to a CLBI student in financial need who seeks to serve God with great vision as described in 1 Chronicles 4:10, “And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh that You would bless me and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me and that You would keep me from evil that I may not cause pain.’ So God granted him what he requested.”

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Scholarship

In the summer of 2010, this congregation decided to disband and sell their property in Calgary. Their desire was to encourage and support vibrant ministries like CLBI that proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that train young adults in the truths of God’s Word, and that raise up disciples who will serve Christ and His body, the church. Their generous gift assists students to grow disciples and preserves Mt. Calvary’s legacy of faithful ministry in Calgary from 1918 to 2010.