The CLBI experience has shaped the lives of many students down through the years, setting them on a new path for life.

“My year at CLBI has completely altered the course of my life. The most powerful way I experienced God was in a faithful community dedicated to God. Getting to spend a year fully immersed with people who are there to worship God and learn about Him and what life means was incredible.”
Kieran Swinney
“I came into this year dealing with a lot of emotional baggage to unload. I went through a lot of challenges along the way. Looking back at my year, I am left with an awestruck feeling at how God has worked in my life and completely changed my heart.”
Elsye MacInnis
“My time at CLBI has been the most impactful experience of my life. While at CLBI, I grew closer to God and learned about the gifts He has blessed me with. With the help of the CLBI community, I learned how to use those gifts to their full potential!”
Paul Laferriere
“I knew my relationship with God was not strong. My life was full of sin and addictions. I had no idea how to get free from these traps. During the first semester at CLBI, I changed so much. The year I spent at Bible school set me in a whole new direction that I will continue in for the rest of my life.”
Landon Jack
“The community at CLBI was like a breath of fresh air. Everyone there was so welcoming and accepting. I didn’t feel like I had to pretend to be anyone by myself.”
Brittany Hosmer
“My year at CLBI has been awesome. My life has been permanently transformed by the work that God has done throughout this year.”
Zane Ausmus
“CLBI has helped me to understand my purpose as a child of God. It has refreshed my walk with Him, and has taught me to truly enjoy His presence.”
Emma Johnson
“Choosing to spend a year being voluntarily vulnerable with my creator was beautiful and incredibly difficult, but man did I grow.”
Jayme Stam