Walking with Jesus; walking with each other.

“The Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them” (Luke 10:1)

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what is The 72?

the mission

To equip and encourage people in a lifestyle of discipleship.

the vision

To see a gospel fuelled disciple-making movement transform the world.

the elements of The 72

CLBI is not interested in running a global discipleship program. It is our desire to support you and your church to follow Jesus in making disciples. This is done through:


The teachings of Jesus shaped his disciples. The 72 provides weekly biblical teaching and testimonies to centre participants in the mission of Jesus.


Discipleship is not a solo sport. Just as Jesus sent out the 72 in pairs, we create discipleship groups (D-groups). Either meeting in-person or online, discipleship groups become a family; providing the support and encouragement to produce the fruit that lasts (Jn 15).


Through the 72 God is connecting individuals and ministries around the world to work alongside each other. This global “cloud of witnesses” gives great encouragement in running the race set before us (Heb 12).


The 72 develops confidence in joining Jesus on his mission. This can look as everyday as talking to your neighbour, or extraordinary as traveling to support another of the 72 in an outreach effort. 

the 72 Online Gathering

D-Groups for Fall 2021  –  Wednesdays at 7:30pm (MT)

The gatherings, via zoom, will begin with teaching/testimonies, and then will split off into small d-groups (discipleship groups). People can join these gatherings at any time – don’t stress it if you missed the first session. To get caught up, watch the video from the gathering below.

*All ages are welcome. This gathering is free of charge.

There are two resources we are encouraging each participant to purchase and use for this discipleship experience. Resources include Seeking God’s Face. We encourage you to order your own copy via amazon.

Registration is cut off at 2pm each Wednesday.

To receive instructions on how to join this gathering, fill out form below:

If form is not viewable, click the following link HERE 


This is not just another place to take in more information – these short-term online gatherings are designed to help you hear God and do what He is saying (Matt 7:24-27). Sessions will include biblical teaching, real testimonies and space to process with others how God is wanting to break more deeply into your life.


CLBI has a campus in Camrose Alberta which is the heart of this discipling movement. Here people can come for one semester or up to two years. In the future, we hope to have various immersion experiences in different locations in the US and Canada. These experiences may be for a weekend or for a couple of weeks.


As disciples are ready to embrace the mission God has for them we want them to invite others to join them. This may be on a college campus,  in a new business, local church, church plant, or a cross-cultural missionary setting – all of these are part of this discipling movement.
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What are you called to do in life? Is your vocation limited to just your job? Andrew walks us through his perspective of how God calls us, and how he wants us to use our vocation to connect with people in our lives.


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Logun shares his story about how God has been calling him into a unique and challenging ministry, and helps us to see that God continues to call us even when we don’t necessarily know where we are going.


March 24, 2021

We catch up with the CLBI students on “Urban Hike” week, which is an out-trip that focuses on seeing and experiencing what Jesus is up to in the inner cities of Calgary and Edmonton.


April 7, 2021

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April 14, 2021

Steven’s journey takes us through his travels to Spain, having his faith life called out by close friends, and creating and launching a podcast with a team from his homeland in Minnesota, USA.


April 21, 2021

As the second season wraps up, our friends share what they are celebrating and what they will be taking away from their experience as a part of The 72 community.

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