Deep Community

Living together on campus is a vital part of the CLBI experience, Bible school presents a unique opportunity to develop lasting relationships.  Students live in dorms on campus and become a very tight knit group.  Community is nurtured through weekly chapels, discipleship groups, retreats, shared meals, serving together, and everyday life stuff like laughing and hanging out. At CLBI you make friends for life!


Our staff are intentional about being involved with students and coming alongside them in their personal journey. Students are placed in small discipleship groups that meet weekly throughout the year in a staff member’s home, for many students this becomes a home away from home. Each student is also paired up with a staff member for ongoing one-on-one mentorship. Mentors meet with their students regularly to build relationship, check in, encourage, offer support, and pray together. We can’t wait to see you grow in your relationship with God and be here to help you navigate this new time in your life!

Travel Adventures

Out-trips are a vital part of the CLBI experience! Adventures include the Fall Canoe Trip, Winter Hike, and Urban Ministry trip, and each are designed for a unique purpose: to build community, to challenge, to stretch, to encounter God in His wilderness, or to grow a heart for the marginalized. These trips are a highly memorable and impactful piece of our programs for many students.

Biblical Academics

Our courses are designed to help students encounter God, become rooted in their understanding of the Bible, and how to apply God’s principles to their daily lives.  Instructors are Scripture-centered in their teaching and take a special interest in students, spending many hours inside and outside of the classroom talking with and investing in them. If you have a question or want to go deeper with something you’re learning– just ask! (Learn More about our programs and courses.)

Worship Time

Worship is a big part of life at CLBI. It’s a time to come before God and let down our barriers. Students gather for worship experiences throughout the week in a variety of styles such as weekly worship services, student-led events, and solo time with God. We also offer training for those who desire to grow and develop as worship leaders and opportunities to participate on worship teams.


We are intentionally small, and we work hard to stay affordable without hidden costs. Our tuition fee not only covers all courses, textbooks, and out-trips– but also the cost of living at CLBI. That means meals, residence, and transportation are all included. The investment you make during your time at CLBI allows for experiences, growth, and relationships that are priceless! (Learn more about Admission Fees and Payment Options)

Putting Faith into Action

Living out our faith and serving others is part of God’s heart for the world, and one of the best forms of learning is through doing. In addition to ministry trips, students serve within the community and spend time each week volunteering with a variety of organizations. Students receive credit for doing a ministry practicum where they have the opportunity to share God’s love with the community through ministries like kid’s clubs, youth ministry, elderly visitation, prison ministry and involvement in Special Olympics. At CLBI we urge active participation in sharing God’s love and being a light to those around us.

Education that Qualifies Toward a Degree

Schooling at CLBI gives students a great foundation for faith and life, but also serves as a springboard into a number of academic pursuits. We have a formal transfer agreement with Rocky Mountain College of Calgary, AB making it possible for CLBI alumni to apply their achievements towards various programs of higher learning. CLBI alumni receive favourable transfers into accredited Christian institutions at both the undergraduate and graduate level (see list of institutions). Click HERE to learn more about our CLBI Bachelor’s degree.

Global Missions Training Program

Students in our IMPACT program are given the opportunity to dive into global missions. In a hands-on leadership program, students are trained and facilitated how to plan a missions trip and connected with the necessary contacts. For a month following, teams will board airplanes and travel around the globe to serve, learn, and bear witness to God’s redeeming work on earth– perhaps even being prompted to respond personally to God’s call for global mission.

Internship Program

Internships offer a great way to receive mentoring and work experience in the particular field of ministry that appeals to you. Internships are individually created around a student’s area of interest and passion, (following the completion of all four preceding four-month programs, or an equivalent). In the past, students have been involved in internships such as camp ministry, parish ministry, youth ministry, music ministry, inner city ministry, and missions. Internships are a fantastic way to gain work experience and open doors should you seek a future in ministry. (Learn more about our Internship Program.)